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Keep a pulse on your brand in real-time with a behavioral-first approach

Next Gen Brand Tracking With Behavioral Data

Qrious provides a unique approach to improving upon traditional brand trackers. Instead of asking consumers about past interactions or future intentions, we capture actual behaviors and pair those with survey sentiments and brand perceptions to bring brands the truth about what’s happening. 

Our consumer intelligence platform allows you to tap into consumers’ engagement with your (and your competitors’) brand’s properties (website, app, searches, in-person visits) so you can react in-the-moment to changing behaviors. 

Why Qrious Is The Best Partner
For Your Brand Tracking Program

Real Behavior Over Recall

Data You Can Trust

Traditional brand tracking often relies on survey  recall, which can be notoriously inaccurate. Recall-based surveys can tell you what customers think they do. Real behavior tracking shows you what they actually do. 

We keep surveys to what they are good at – measuring sentiment. When you need to measure behaviors – Qrious delivers the hard facts, not just what people think they did. A Qrious brand tracker arms you with richer and more accurate insights so you can make informed decisions.  

Timely Insights in Real-Time

Day By Day Insights - Not Quarter By Quarter

Real-time data is the lifeblood of effective decision-making. Traditional brand tracking studies using surveys alone can often be a hindrance, locking you into stale data that’s irrelevant by the time it’s analyzed. 

With Qrious’ rich behavioral data and brand tracking expertise, you get insights that are based on actual behaviors and that update in real-time. Don’t wait for quarterly summaries; lead your industry with decisions powered by real-time data.

Giving You The Full Picture

Uncover the complete customer journey

Traditional brand tracking might tell you what your customers think, but without behavioral data, you’re missing how those thoughts translate into action. Qrious lets you connect the dots, merging sentiment and behavioral data to finally make sense of your customer journey. Understand the sentiment around your latest campaign while simultaneously tracking its real-world impact—giving you the comprehensive insights needed to make strategic adjustments.

Behavioral-Data Approach To Brand Tracking

Use Case Examples

Brand Search Measurement

Monitor and trend how consumers are searching for your category, the share of search that is branded versus generic, your brand’s share of search, and if a new brand or term is gaining traction.  

brand tracking search visual 1
Brand Tracking Search Visual 2

Brand Engagement Across App, Website, And In-Person Metrics

Measure and track your brand’s digital engagement versus your key competitors. Metrics can include the share of consumers, number of total visits, and time spent. Measure engagements by all brand properties including apps, websites, and in-person locations. Split any metrics by time of day or demographics to understand who is engaging with your brand properties versus key competitors.  

brand tracking category trending visual
Brand Comparison Example Two

Brand Social Media Advertising Exposure

Without needing placement ids or creative ids, measure your brand and key competitors social media ad exposures to uncover the impact on the brand itself as well as the category overall.  

Ad Effectiveness Visual

Identify Your Brand's Competitive Set

Sometimes your key competitors might not be on your radar yet. With behavioral data analysis you can view the other brands in and out of your category your shoppers/customers are also engaging with. 

Brand Loyalty and Brand Switching

Uncover how loyal your customers actually are. Oftentimes consumers will say they are loyal and not looking for another solution, but are they reacting to ads, or shopping around for a pain point that your brand might not be solving. Uncover the true journey including how loyal they actually are 

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