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Consumer Intelligence

Blending behavioral and attitudinal data to create new enhanced insights 

360° View

Always-On Consumer Intelligence

On-demand access to continuous digital and in-person consumer behaviors. Monitor every interaction and unlock unique insights that power real-time data-driven decision-making.

Monitor app usage, website visits, search terms, and brick & mortar visits. See inside ‘walled gardens’ into social media ad exposure, media consumption, product purchases in-app, and more.

Quickly turn billions of data points into actionable insights using a no-code, point-and-click platform.

continuous 360° view of app, web, search, and in-person behavior including:

  • In-App Purchase

    Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald's

  • In-App Ad Exposure

    Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, YouTube

  • In-App Streaming

    Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+, YouTube


Continuously tracked panelists

12+ Billion

Touchpoints captured each year


Continuous digital and in-person tracking


Real-time tracking and reporting

Insights You Can Trust


Competitive Intelligence

Understand your marketplace, how to win against your competitors and where to attract new customers

Shopper Journey

Analyze key touchpoints to see a ‘big-picture’ view or target micro journeys within a specific site page

Advertising Effectiveness

Measure the impact and lift of social advertising across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, X & TikTok


Custom Audiences

Onboard your own customers or collaborate with Qrious to create a custom audience and visualize their continuous journeys

Customer Feedback

Create timely, context-driven research with consumers based on observed behavior to understand WHY

True Omnichannel Consumer Intelligence

Through combining web, app, location and survey data – we enable you to achieve far more than traditional methods. Track your audience’s digital footprint to see where they click and what keeps them engaged. Identify which ads they’ve seen across apps and web and contrast their behavior with those who haven’t been exposed. See who your customers are, who belong to your competitors, and their switching behaviors. Follow them up with a survey. Track their location to see what ads are driving people to stores. The best research uses all four to make data-driven decisions on what channels, messaging, creatives and format are working.

  • Keywords and phrases searched
  • Brand share of search
  • Websites visited
  • Domain URLs viewing
  • Time spent
  • User journeys
  • Click paths
  • App opens & screen views
  • Active app usage times
  • In-app eCommerce shopping including search, product view, and purchase (Amazon, Walmart, Target)
  • In-app media views (YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime)
  • In-app QSR purchases (McDonald’s, Starbuck’s)
  • In-app social media advertising exposure (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, Snapchat)
  • Locations people are visiting including
    • stores & retailers
    • banks
    • theaters
    • dealerships
    • and more
  • Includes location, time spent, and connection to other digital behaviors while at the location

Enhance your data with targeted surveys for a complete understanding of your consumer base. While our behavioral data reveals insights on ‘what’ people do, surveys fill in the gaps on the ‘why’ behind those actions.

Increase the confidence of reaching the right people while increasing the quality of data obtained by leveraging behavioral data to identify verified consumers. With our verified survey sample, you can reduce your screening questions and feel confident you’re talking to the right people.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Competitor Intelligence

Qrious can help you to understand where to attract new customers, where and how much your competitors are advertising on social media, monitor how they engage with your customers and prospects and what products are in demand in your category

Unlock Shopper Insights

Shopper Journey

Gain a deeper understanding of ever-changing consumer behaviors by examining touchpoints and trends they encounter during their shopping journey. Analyze how consumers interact with any properties to understand their motivations and needs.

Measure Ad Impact Inside Walled Gardens

Advertising Effectiveness

Gauge the impact of social media advertising by analyzing changes in behavioral and perception metrics. Track the level of engagement with your brand and category following exposure to the ads. Gain insights into both upper and lower funnel metrics.

Custom Audiences

Onboard Your Own Customers

Utilize our exclusive, privacy-first, white-labeled mobile application to enrich your customer data with continuous data on their digital and physical Footprint. Onboard your own customers or collaborate with Qrious to create your own custom panel

Customer Feedback

Conduct Research to Understand Why

Collect and examine signals that provide insights into your target audience’s preferences and behaviors. Engage with customers based on observed behavior to uncover valuable information about loyalty, switching behavior, and key metrics 

The Qrious Advantage

Why Qrious?

Qrious tracks >12 Billion touchpoints each year, >1 Billion interactions every month, and >30 million events every day.

Continuous digital and in-person tracking. See every app opened, website visited, search made, and store & restaurant visits.

Our platform instantly turns millions of data points into actionable consumer insights using a no-code, point-and-click interface.

See into walled gardens to view social media ad exposure, streaming content viewed, and purchases at major retailers.

Conduct research based on observed behavior. Reach micro-targeted audiences for qual or quant surveys.

Our user-first, permission based approach guarantees compliance with evolving privacy regulations.

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