Micro targeted research

Know the truth

Discover the “why” 

Capture behavioral data through our proprietary mobile application

Our data represents the “truth”, with users mobile behavior continuously tracked to give real time insight into changes in digital behavior.

We offer tools so our clients can conduct research based on observed behavior and understand “why”


Build rich data communities

Build new or existing communities exclusively for your brand 

Know where your customers are going and what they are buying

Onboard your customers and enrich them with omni-channel intelligence data

Our customizable onboarding experience ensures brand consistency

All data will be collected via our proprietary mobile application

Seamlessly collect behavioral and location data or integrate your own SDK

Integrate other types of data e.g. purchase, audio, scanner and more

Conduct research based on behavior

We know the who and the what; you want to know the why

Use observed behavior to trigger research engagements

Include longitudinal behavioral data to enrich your survey data and enhance your analysis

Reach micro targeted audiences with 70% response rates

Full demographic information available for targeting and analysis

Use hyper targeting to recruit for qualitative engagements e.g. 1:1, online focus groups

Utilize our panel for other types of projects e.g. visit a location, take a picture of a display


Data analytics

Millions of data points that map the customer journey
Whether that is mapping out the path to purchase, benchmarking, competitive analysis, or anything else, we can support you

Brand intelligence

Product benchmarking:  discover what products customers search and buy – both online and brick and mortar

Competitive intelligence: understand what other brands customers are buying, searching for, interacting with and visiting

Path to purchase

Awareness: search for products or brands, visit related websites, ad exposure, e-commerce or price comparison apps, product search or views in-app

Conversion: product purchases, basket content, itemized pricing, and brand touch points across app, web and in-person

Audience segmentation

Segmentation: new and lapsed customers, brand loyalists, spontaneous shoppers, bargain hunters, in the market shoppers 

Where: see customer touch points, where and how customers interact with other brands and what else they interested in